Trump Coronavirus cases reported in Pennsylvania, June 19, 2020 … and up again.

data from Pennsylvania Department of Health Website

covid-19 cases 06-19-2020

day by new cases trump coronavirus-6-19

O-o-p-s, the tail is turning upward again; this report is on the heels of one of our County Commissioner’s braggadocio tweet: “I had a call from the Governor’s staff indicating Lancaster County will move to ‘green’ as of next Saturday June 27. I believe the joint, bipartisan resolution of the PA General Assembly already ended his emergency declaration and powers.”

Read more here.


  1. “Trump Coronavirus? Where did this name come from? The President did not spread this – the Chinese government did. Get your facts straight before you actually print something.

  2. We’ve responded to this before. POTUS’s irresponsible actions or inaction contributed to the highest infection and death rate in the world. He and his administration, indeed, are responsible for “what we are blaming on him is his shabby handling of the coronavirus once it became apparent to everyone in the world. And that’s why we’re calling it the TRUMP coronavirus. There was a window … and it just was ignored and mis-handled.”

    His cavalier attribution of the COVID-19 coronavirus, gave license to anyone to rename it in their own manner. We accepted.

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