10 Sunday’s news items from around the globe [nations in decline; top killer nation; a courageous mayor; lonely dogs & more] – 6/21/2020

“The rise and fall of North America For the first time in living memory, the continent’s three biggest countries are poorly led.”The Boston Globe

Join the Poor People’s campaign today | “Join the virtual rally and tell your elected officials to adopt the moral agenda.”

Top killer nation? The USA. | “How many needless Covid-19 deaths were caused by delays in responding? Most of them”STATnews

a mayor with courage | “Newton mayor calls for civilian review of police after officers, with gun drawn, stop Black resident”The Boston Globe

dog alone “Tristan Spinski for The New York Times”

going yellow tips | “How to Prepare Your Dog to Be Left at Home Alone (Again).” – The New York Times

“Trump’s rally looked like his vision of America. | Limited and pitiless.”The Washington Post

“I’m proud of you, Dad.” | “Opinion: Good Cops, Bad Cops – On Father’s Day, I want to tell my dad something I neglected to mention.”The New York Times

It’s the same for “tip of the spear” roles everywhere | “How Do the Police Actually Spend Their Time?”The New York Times

record levels | “How will countries pay off their debt after COVID-19?”Al Jazeera

another law suit coming? | “Family business: Trump fears latest damning memoir – this time by his liberal niece”The Guardian


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