Sunday’s news items [summer; fireworks; buy a book or a legislator & more] – 6/21/2020

beautiful morning

Good morning | It’s a continuation of a beautiful last evening as this first complete summer day begins.

“My mommy is in heaven.” | “A dad learns to raise 6-year-old girls after losing his wife to COVID-19” Lancaster Online

Obituary of local interest | Cornelius J. Keim III  

Keep your distance | but Celebrate Lancaster on June 2.

232% increase | The Lancaster County Coroner’s report for May reports 232 deaths in May 2020. None of them are identified as COVID-19 related.

It’s that time | and several county police departments are “advising” the citizens they serve that fireworks are illegal in their jurisdictions.

Interesting reading | It’s revealing to read the Municipal Briefs in LNP – Always Lancaster to see the number of county municipalities’ and jurisdictions’ meetings at which police departments are sharing their “continuum of force policies” and positions related to the George Lloyd murder on May 31.

Bravo!!! | One police department in the county is “using technology to provide accountability and transparency to the public we serve.”

bolton book

You can buy it now | John Bolton can publish book despite efforts to block it, federal judge rules” The Denver Post

a “buddy program” | “Lancaster’s LGBTQ+ community finds new ways to stay connected, celebrate identity in uncertain times” – Lancaster Online

buy a legislator | and you’ll get what you want: “Top Pa. GOP lawmaker fast-tracking a lucrative gambling expansion that would benefit a major campaign donor.”WHYY – [Still think these clowns work for you?]



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