Tuesday’s news items [police policies; “Cruizin”; hoarding; our mistake and apology & more] – 6/23/2020

police policies

What are police policies? | This Lancaster County policy department lets its citizens know how the policies are developedposts the policies including its policies on deescalation and continuum of force. It’s a shame not all jurisdictions are not so forthcoming with their department’s policies.

“‘State-sanctioned violence’ | US police fail to meet basic human rights standards”
The Guardian –

Police in America’s biggest cities are failing to meet even the most basic international human rights standards governing the use of lethal force, a new study from the University of Chicago has found.

“Researchers in the university’s law school put the lethal use-of-force policies of police in the 20 largest US cities under the microscope. They found not a single police department was operating under guidelines that are compliant with the minimum standards laid out under international human rights laws.”

crisin for cats

“New date for Cruisin For Cats car show! | Ready to get outside and have some fun? We’ve got you covered. Cruisin For Cats on EventBrite to register a vehicle ($15). Free admission.”

“Why are we hoarding toilet paper? | It may be your personality type”CNN Health

news vs opinions

“… news and opinion are separate, | but readers often can’t tell the difference.” Nieman Lab

LNP – Always Lancaster letter to-the-editor today | This letter writer may be on to something; in his letter he asks:

“Why not defund politics and politicians? Imagine the money, aggravation and malarkey we could dispense with in our lives!

“We might replace local, state and federal nightmares with small, caring community action councils. Don’t you feel better already?”

LTE disconnectAnother LNP – Always Lancaster letter-to-the-editor

We goofed. | This email from a reader points out our mistake in a recent post. We are sincerely grateful for the reader’s “catch” and we apologize for having missed the Sunday report. Our two-day graphic on Monday aggregated two days of reporting and gave an incorrect and inadvertent “spike” in cases.

“Hello – first, thanks for running the daily updates on the Trump Coronavirus numbers. They are quite helpful because it’s easier to get your update quickly than it is to go to the PA Health Department’s website to see the daily numbers.

I also appreciate your bluntness in calling the U.S. disease outbreak by its rightful name — The Trump Coronavirus — underscoring the tragic role that the staggering incompetence of this POTUS has had in worsening the impact here in the U.S.
All that said, something seems off with today’s report of ‘902 more cases than Saturday.’ On the PA Health Department website, I’m seeing a report of 452 new Trump Coronavirus cases for Sunday June 21. So I guess the 902 would be 452 from Sunday and 450 more from today?

If so, that suggests that we are thankfully still on the downward trend here in PA and haven’t had an alarming one-day spike back to almost 1,000 the way your chart from today suggests.

Or am I missing something? Could you please clarify?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any clarification you may  be able to offer and for your public service of updating this data daily!”


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