Today’s news items [Pride anniversary; non-transparency: how much should citizens know?; doomscrolling; Nextdoor & more] – 6/27/2020

should citizens know?| During a doomscrolling moment, we shared this Lancaster Online article at the Columbia news, views & reviews facebook page. It’s not so hard to digest that Columbia’s mayor hates transparency; he’s been obdurate about policing transparency for years — think wrecked patrol cars and promises made and not kept.

What is hard to understand is that a majority of the borough council is transparency resistant. Seemingly, a majority of the newly elected (in November) councillors is. Not surprisingly, three of the entrenched from a previous council administration lean toward non-transparency. What is so hard to understand is the incoming councillors campaigned on a platform of transparency; yet now the majority appear to want to quell it.

A community’s police department’s continuum of force policy belongs to the community and the community has a right to know the policy it’s citizens and visitors are subject to. This online publication has posted numerous articles and items about continuum of force policies over the past years including this from 2011:

“Zero tolerance” … The mayor commented about the incident that happened at the Memorial Day celebration … the published photograph in daily newspapers showing an officer pointing his weapon at a law-breaker. The mayor stated during the meeting that he has instructed the police (and fire police) to adopt a “zero tolerance” stance when someone disobeys a blocked intersection or cordoned area from now on. Officers will “get a license number.” While he did not elaborate further on the level of the continuum of force response for a violation, he did re-state the “zero-tolerance” posture that Columbia’s law enforcement officers have been directed to observe.

pride march

tomorrow – 50 years ago | “This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march, which was held in New York City on June 28, 1970.” – The New York Times

anyone else | guilty of being a “doomscroller?”–

Trump coronavirus targets | “As the wealthy retrench amid the coronavirus crisis, low-wage workers take the hit”The Los Angeles Times

Faith claimers, especially Evangelicals | ought not lie, Mr. VP! “Fact check: As pandemic situation worsens, Pence paints a deceptively rosy picture”CNN

Nextdoor news | This is from a February, 2012 Columbia news, views & reviews post:

Nextdoor neighbors: Group forms online gathering site  – This is a very good way for a community or a couple of blocks of neighbors who want to belong to a “community.” It’s based on openness, caring and information- sharing; works a whole lot better than closet-minded, threatening, hiding of information. See the “Nextdoor” site – Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era [NOTE: The link to the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era article is no longer working.]

“14 Columbia neighborhoods | are on Nextdoor”

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed |“I’m the Black person Nextdoor, trying to sort the site’s value from its ugliness” 

mushroom management

Definition | “mushroom management” philosophy

“‘It all boils down to safety,’ | FOP opposes decryption of police radios”Lancaster Online [The FOP is the Fraternal Order of Police – “the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers.” What would anyone expect them to say?]




  1. I have been alone in asking and pushing to see the policy for weeks now, I have no support from council.

  2. Sunday, 6/28/20 – NYT Morning Briefing: THE NUMBER OF NEW CORONAVIURS CASES IN THE U.S. is surging to levels not ever seen in the course of the pandemeic.

    Infections nationwide have risen 65 percent over the past two weeks, including in several states that were among the first to reopen. By Saturday evening, more than 41,000 cases of the coronavirus had been announced across the U.S., including single-day records in Nevada, South Carolina and Florida; above MIami on Friday.

    Totals in U.S. so far – Cases: 2.5 million + ; Deaths: 125,545

    • Thank you, Mr. B. for sharing this. We know it seems as we’ve relegated the increasingly virulent Trump coronavirus to a back burner and that is for several reasons. One, last week was a work week that was especially torrid. Two, while the COVID-19 has ignited across the nation, way too many people think this is no biggie.

      We, as you, are watching it with wonderment. We’re watching the disregard that so many display by flaunting and disregarding the caveats by not wearing masks and by ignoring the distancing guidance.

      The graphics in this article are pretty telling:

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