Outstanding opportunity | “Indigenous ribbon skirt making” – a free Webinar

sew a skirt

Stories are told in murals, songs, and the clothes we wear. For Indigenous people, the ribbon skirt tells a story of endurance, strength, spirituality, adaptation and survival. Today, the ribbon skirt is worn to gatherings that have political, cultural, and social significance. It is a signifier of Native women’s grassroots power.
Join us as we learn more about this part of 21st Century Indigenous life and how we are building resilient communities.
Our guest speaker:
“My name is Alexandra Romero-Frederick, my Lakota name is Anpo Iyokpi Win (Happy at dawn woman). I am an Oglala Lakota born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I am the Wife of Wayne Frederick and Mother to daughter, Summer and Son, Cedar. I am a Horsewoman and Rancher by trade and an Activist. From the oldest ranch on the Rosebud Reservation; where I do most of the day-to-day horseback to the frontlines of Indigenous Rights is where most of my work is done. I have been sewing and beading since I was 8 years old. Along with my work on the ranch, my artwork helps me support my family. I find my inspiration on the land where I live and in the work I do.”
If you would like to make a ribbon skirt, here is the shopping list for materials needed.
2 yards of fabric
Ribbons of different colors at least 3 yards of each color
Thread- I like cotton and invisible threads
Universal sewing needles and microtex-optional
Pencil/chalk ruler
Elastic from 1.5″-2″ wide

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