Saturday’s news items [Internet critical thinking; masking & more] – 7/4/2020

The Internet: it’s at everyone’s fingertips! | So it’s inexcusable for responsible adults to engage in social media speculation about whether the construction in West Hempfield Township is affordable housing or what. Use one of the search engines on the information super-highway and get answers from reliable (or unreliable sources) rather than the “what-isms” from folks on social media. It just makes sense, folks.

Sure, there’s google, but there are other players in the Internet search field; we prefer DuckDuckGo, but here’s a helpful article: “The Best Search Engines of 2020- Google might be the biggest but there are other, arguably better, search engines.” 

Oh, and the new construction? | It’s “New Apartments in The Village” at St. Anne’s Retirement Community in West Hempfield Township — NOT COLUMBIA.

Pricing? | That information. too, is at the St. Anne’s Retirement Community Website.

whats out there“borrowed” from a friend’s facebook page — someone who is curious and intelligent and used the Internet to ferret out information AND engages critical thinking to winnow trash from credible sources.

Which is better? | Extremists on one side keep disparaging those who wear masks and practice distancing as “sheeple.” Which is preferred: Being a sheeple or being a lemming?

“National coin shortage |prompts Giant supermarkets to limit cash transactions”Penn Live

Public Information Officer | Many Lancaster Countians are following the case of the disappearance of Linda Stoltzfoos; they’ve also seen the consistent face and voice of East Lampeter Township Township’s Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Lt. Matt Hess, who has provided updates about the case on television, in newspapers and at the department’s CrimeWatch page.

Schools and masks | “Under the Education Department’s preliminary reopening guidance, schools planning to reopen in the fall must first adopt a school-board approved health and safety plan” and that plan has to include masks for “all individuals while in school entities.”– Lancaster Online

Saying it is one thing | and it is one step, But it’s a “fox guarding the henhouse” situation when the Police Chief reports that “no changes will be needed in the department’s policy” and  “Council members did not discuss Manheim’s use-of-force policy or comment on it.” Citizens have to be able to see the policies that apply to “use of force” in their public safety departments. – Lancaster Online

Staying in his lane | Finally, the conservative-supporting contributing opinion writer is saying something he knows about: “We know from history how to combat infectious disease [column].”

“When choosing a mask | experts say focus on the fabric, fit and breathability.”WITF

Do yourself a favor; listen to this stirring Sousa march today.

Watch this too.




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