OPINION: “Unclearly Columbia”

clearly columbia 2

Columbia Borough posted its Police Department’s “use of force policy at its Website yesterday.

Lancaster Online states in this article:

“The 21-page policy, posted to the borough’s website Friday, is heavily redacted: eight pages are completely grayed-out and eight are partially redacted.

“Essentially, what’s readable is an introduction, definitions and administrative information.”

On June 12, 2020, Columbia news, views & reviews submitted this Right-To-Know request (below -click on the graphic to enlarge)  via email asking for the Columbia Borough Police Department’s “continuum of force policy or guidance.”0612RTK

On June 17, Columbia Borough manager, Mark Stivers sent this notice of extension (below – click on the graphic to enlarge) in an email to us.

columbia RTK extension

Yesterday, July 17, 2020, Columbia news, views & reviews received this attachment to an email response containing the heavily redacted policy — the same policy the borough posted at its Website yesteday morning.  RTK 20-35 Long Response FINAL

redacted polictWho continues to want to keep current, and future, Columbia residents, businesses and visitors uninformed in “unclearly Columbia?” It is the long-time self-promoting individual — the same person who resisted talking about police use of force near the end of the June 27 council meeting.  


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