Thursday’s news items, part 2 [Climate survey, in praise of teachers, letters & more] – 7/23/2020

$100 level reached | “When 100 to 299 surveys are completed, the cash prize is elevated to $250. And when 300 or more surveys are completed, the cash prize is $500.” Complete the Columbia Climate Survey.

“WEAK STATE | How the Coronavirus pandemic exposed America’s dysfunctional democracyThe Intercept

Never played a down of college football | yet, Pittsburgh Steelers “all pro” Carlton Hasselrig has died. “‘Cambria County’s greatest athlete’: Haselrig beat long odds, overcame obstacles and inspired many with his wrestling, football accomplishments and his ‘heart'” The Tribune-Democrat

teachTeachers teach – no matter what: because they care!

Coronavirus outcome | “The (Penn Manor School District) board unanimously agreed to continue streaming its meetings online for the public to watch. Although the virtual meetings originally started in response to the pandemic, the board agreed they were a good way to boost public participation going forward, noting 100 people had tuned into the July 13 meeting.” – LNP – Always Lancaster

A letter | This LNP – Always Lancaster letter-to-the-editor writer asks the question we so often ask? “Is this really what Republicans have become?”It hurts to see your ideals crushed.

And this Columbia letter-to-the-editor | echoes, “Praises Gov. Wolf, criticizes the GOP.” 

Courage to speak up against “hate and transphobia” | “Gov. Tom Wolf responds to mocking of Dr. Rachel Levine in Bloomsburg Fair social media post.” Penn Live

Local, too | We’ve heard and seen these kinds of “hate and homophobia” comments right here in Columbia. On the hate pages that are “private facebook groups.”


  1. Shame on the Bloomsburg Fair Association for promoting transphobia. They now have at least two reasons to hide their faces with masks: to prevent others from getting the coronavirus from them and this despciable attack on Dr. Rachel Levine.

    • Yeah, Mr. B … their reprehensible posture certainly stains a long-standing reputation.

      We cannot understand their dogged determination to hold the fair as so many of the performers have canceled and the overwhelming number of other fairs (York, Ephrata) have seen the wisdom in cancelling is year.

      Must be the money. Sad testament on their part.

  2. Here are some things the Bloomsburg Fair Association should pay attention to:

    “Be wholly humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

    – Corinthians

    “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.” – Corinthians

  3. Yes, I’m sure “It’s the money.” They went on with the fair with only $ in their eyes. An excellent film that show this in spade is JAWS. It is not a movie about a shark. The mayor in the film did exactly what the Bloomsburg Fair organizers did. I highly recommend an article in The Guardian from a few months ago that is a review of JAWS. I think the title is JAWS: IT’S NOT A MOVIE ABOUT A SHARK. If you read it, you will understand how true that is.

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