Thursday’s news items [Chamber events canceled; PPP; hate speech & more] – 7/23/2020

Remaining 2020 events canceled | The Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors’ (have made the) difficult decision to cancel the remaining events of 2020: the Bridge Bust and the Missy A. Glenn 5K River Run. More at the Website.


Nazi resistance | Wikipedia: “National Socialism was not simply a party like any other; with its total acceptance of criminality it was an incarnation of evil, so that all those whose minds were attuned to democracy, Christianity, freedom, humanity or even mere legality found themselves forced into alliance.” Sound like the party in charge in the US today? 

“Even Republicans | Are Eye-Rolling Trump’s Coronavirus Relief Demands.”Vanity Fair

a “duh?” moment | “A novel idea: Ask students what they think about returning to campus.”The Hechinger Report

“Pandemic politics | How divided are we?” – Futurity

Moral Injury Webinar2

PPP: Piss Poor Performance | The other, and more apt, acronym for the often bandied about government one: Public Private Partnership.

hate speech

“Hate speech | has soared online since George Floyd’s death.”AXIOS

indiscriminate killing | “America’s Problem With Policing Doesn’t Stop at the U.S. Border”The Intercept

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