Monday’s news items [school opening; Can you imagine? & more] – 7/27/2020

children-school-1918Children ready for school during the 1918 flu epidemic in Florida.State Library and Archives of Florida”

on the topic of school opening | “3 cities kept schools open during the 1918 pandemic. Experts say 2020 is different.”ABC News

22-minute video | Pequea Valley School District has produced a 22-minute video looking at what the upcoming school year will look like.  Prepare for some vocabulary changes. Students are now kiddos and learners and desks and chairs are now learning stations. Ah, euphemisms.

and? | that promised youtube video of last week’s Columbia Borough School District school opening meeting is STILL NOT AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING BY PARENTS AND CIITZENS.

wh legal adInteresting legal notice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

CLIMATE SURVEY SAMPLESurvey responses (to date) of one of the Climate Survey questions. 

Changed | The Columbia Climate Survey drawing date has been changed.

“Every Decision Is A Risk. | Every Risk Is A Decision.”FiveThirtyEight

“Republicans And Democrats See COVID-19 Very Differently. | Is That Making People Sick?FiveThirtyEight

abide maskMask up | with this mask available from The Bitter Southerner – $12

Return with us now | to those not so thrilling days of yesteryear before social security, before Medicare and before social conscience.

” … the ideologues who now control the Republican Party have always wanted to get rid of this New Deal state and go back to the world of the 1920s, when businessmen ran the government. They believe that government regulation and taxation is an assault on their liberty, because it restricts their ability to make money.

“They have won office not by convincing Americans to give up their own government benefits—most Americans actually like clean water and Social Security and safe bridges—but by selling a narrative in which ‘Liberals’ are trying to undermine the country by stealing the tax dollars of hardworking Americans—quietly understood to be white men—and redistributing them to lazy people who want handouts, not-so-quietly understood to be people of color and feminist women. According to this narrative, legislation that protects ordinary Americans simply redistributes wealth. It is ‘socialism,’ or ‘communism.’” – Letters from an American

messenger? | “The New Jersey Shooting Suspect Left a Pro-Trump Paper Trail” The Atlantic

Can you imagine? |What it would be like today if an adversary launched a “Cyber Attack” on the Internet in America? Can you imagine the chaos if there was no Internet?

“Service disruption would occur across many sectors with possible loss of confidence in the Internet and services offered such as online banking and ecommerce. The greatest impact will be intermittent and unpredictable disruptions to the Internet, which will affect online banking, other e-commerce services, and general public confidence.”

Cyber Attack is one of the 15 National Planning Scenarios introduced by the United States government in 2005 for Communities and jurisdictions to “develop a minimum number of credible scenarios in order to establish the range of response requirements to facilitate preparedness planning.”

This is not new stuff | 15 years ago, in 2005, the National Planning Scenarios were introduced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  All agencies (federal, state & local) had this text book of catastrophic “what-if” scenarios to help them prepare for those events that are never gonna’ happen, but do. Biological Disease Outbreak – Pandemic Influenza is one of the scenarios. Cyber Attack is another.


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