Sunday’s news items [food serving inspections; a “must read”; Today is ADA anniversary; policing diversity & more] – 7/26/2020

Food serving establishment inspections | The Spot Stop

LONG READ; but a “Must read”| “The Selfie Coup: How to Tell If Your Government Is Plotting to Overthrow Itself.”

local cooperation? | “Local politicians condemned federal police actions in Portland, but evidence is mounting that the Portland Police Bureau is coordinating with federal agents.”The Intercept

Days later and no video | Columbia Borough School District still has not posted the video recording of Thursday night’s school board of directors’ meeting.

Not community reflective | “Data shows 14 Lancaster police departments are largely white, male; advocates call for change, chiefs say they lack applicants.”Lancaster Online – “‘It’s not for a lack of trying,’ said Elizabethtown police Chief Edward Cunningham. All of the department’s 15 officers are white; two are female. 

“’I spent 23 years in the city of Pittsburgh, and I worked with every race and nationality,’ Cunningham said. ‘When we decided to hire (in Elizabethtown), I made an effort to hire minority candidates.’”


Stories about real people | “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990.”Accessibility in Pittsburgh

Time to Tell America’s Dogs This Arrangement Won’t Last Forever | As hard as it might be, now’s when you have to enforce some separation, experts say.”Bloomberg Business Week

Police state: tumbling toward totalitarianism   “Police Budgets Are Ballooning as Social Programs Crumble.” In These Times

Lancaster: more apartments | “Stehli Silk Mill redevelopment plan: 165 apartments, $35 million cost, 2022 opening”Lancaster Online

Nailed it | This letter-to-the-editor writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster nails it about US Secretary of Education appointee, Betsy DeVos: “The decision as to whether schools can safely reopen needs to made by educational and medical professionals, not political hacks. DeVos did not attend a public school (and neither did any of her kids) and likely never entered one before her appointment by President Donald Trump. She has a bachelor’s degree in business economics and absolutely no education experience.

“Young, old, black, white, all lives matter — but not to self-serving politicians.”


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