Trump Coronavirus cases reported in Pennsylvania, July 25, 2020

covid-19 cases 07-25-2020

data from Pennsylvania Department of Health Website

And the US cases continue to head north; all attributable to the moronic, insouciance of an orange buffoon sitting in the White House. His arrogance and ignorance has led to the world’s highest number of deaths in any nation. Now he’s admitting that the Trump coronavirus will get worse before it gets better and he’s now encouraging mask wearing.


  1. You are totally out of place and should be ashamed for calling this the trump virus.
    Take it down.

  2. Mr. L. … that (take it down) ain’t going to happen. Unless, the orange buffoon resigns.

  3. President Trump’s handling, or should I say “mishandling,” of the coronavirus proves Bob Dylan’s lyrics “There’s no success like failure, and failure’s no success at all.”

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