Pandemic flu: planning revisited


Culling possessions | While sorting through stuff in a thinning out process, we uncovered this.

It is Ohio’s Pandemic Flu information kit for citizens. Produced and distributed in 2007 by the Ohio Department of Health, the kit includes a short video and a instructional guide that lets citizens know what to expect during pandemic.

Why? Because pandemics happen.

pandemic planning

From 2005 through 2007, pandemic planning across the US was integral in emergency preparedness planing for states and jurisdictions all over the nation. There was a federal  urgency, too. This federally produced video foretold about pandemic influenza.  Every state and jurisdiction was instructed to have plans for this “invisible” enemy. Every jurisdiction was told to practice their plans. Did they? What do you think?

Nah, nearly every jurisdiction, hospital, nursing home, police department*, emergency management agency and, well, just about everyone** failed to plan, to practice the the plan, to gather resources to support the plan, etc. Why? Because, (duh) that’s never gonna’ happen here.

“Since the 1918 influenza pandemic, which accounted for >50 million human deaths worldwide [1], the world has been on alert for the next pandemic-one that could be even more devastating, unless global public health systems are fully prepared. Sporadic outbreaks of avian influenza A (H5N1) virus infection and the high mortality associated with this infection in humans are a grim reminder of what could occur. This awareness justifies the current, unprecedented global effort to have effective vaccines and antiviral drugs in stock and/or ready for production and distribution when needed and to prepare for implementation of nonpharmacological interventions with short notice. In February 2007, experts from around the world convened at the Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Conference in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss progress that has been made in preparing for the next influenza season and for an influenza pandemic.” – Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza: A 2007 Update on Challenges and Solutions

Until it does! And that’s when the chaos, “personal liberties”, dismissal of the planning, distrust of sources and the insane prophesies of the orange buffoon (It’ll just go away!) does happen.

Why don’t people learn the lessons of yesterday?

* – “Planning for such losses and how to maintain critical functions should not only be part of every department’s pandemic flu-specific plan, but also part of its all hazards approach to emergency planning.” – “Police Planning for an Influenza Pandemic:  Case Studies and Recommendations from the Field.”

** – Millersville University had a sketchy plan.

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  1. This is pure hate for our president. Also might add using the media to slander him. Is it ok for me to slander Biden?

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