Saturday’s news items [fake news; & more] – 8/22/2020

no talking | USPS Warns Employees Not to Speak to Press”Vice

Election Mail | The Postal Service’s new Webpage is all about voting by mail.

‘Old Folks Arising’ | takes to Lancaster streets seeking racial justice” Lancaster Online

fake newsfake news | “What makes fake news feel true when it isn’t? For one thing, hearing it over and over again” Nieman Lab

summer headstones | “This 16-minute documentary looks at empty, paved-over pools as ‘lost monuments to racism’ and listens to the voices of those who remember the high price people were willing to pay both to fight against or maintain racial divides.” – The Bitter Southerner

shills | “White House Plants Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists Among Reporters in Briefing Room: At every briefing this week, the president took a question from a website dedicated to smearing his political rivals.” – The Intercept

history repeats
from a Columbia news, views & reviews post November 8, 2018

History repeats? | “Nazi control and dictatorship 1933-1939” – BBC

Timeline to tyranny | “Nazi Germany: Politics, Society, and Key Events” – History  on the Net

“Can it get worse? | Oh, yes it can and it is.” Columbia news, views & reviews, November 20, 2018

Try to find history, u-m-m-m, not so easy | Spent an inordinate amount of time looking for Columbia Borough Resolutions from 2014, but it looks like Columbia Borough’s wiping away the past at its Website. Only these Resolutions can be found.

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