EDITORIAL | Cat got your tongue?

It’s most curious.

Seems so many municipalities, school districts, businesses and organizations have come out firmly in support of Black Lives Matter as an idea and the trek toward racial and cultural awareness, equity and acceptance of one another.

This month’s American Legion Magazine says it this way: “Unequal treatment violates nation’s highest values.”

The VFW Magazine also made its statement:

Don’t you wonder: “Why hasn’t Columbia Borough taken that step toward social justice?”


  1. Although I get the point you’re trying to make Brian, as with many other such items you’ve written on, they’re just words on a piece of paper unless truly believed in and acted on. From what I have seen in my 18+ years in Columbia, I don’t see the racial issues espoused on the news nearly every night here. I see people who genuinely get along, regardless of race, religion, etc. who are dealing with the same issues of housing, employment, raising children side by side each and every day. It seems to me that some are trying to stoke a fire here in Columbia that does not exist. People respect each other for the battles that each of us deal with life every day.

  2. The following was said by a retired Columbia school teacher:

    We don’t have a problem here because “they” know their place.

    Keep on believing there’s no problem.

  3. Yes Sharon, just like generational Columbians let you know your “place” as well. You know who they are. You know, if like your grandparents you weren’t born, raised, and lived your entire life here, then you aren’t a “real” Columbian.

  4. What is even more remarkable are those of the Generational Class, those whose families resided here for 30, 40 years and witnessed the economic collapse of Columbia (like most of America that was damaged from Deindustrialization). As Columbia rotted, slipped into stasis—whatever term you prefer—working class families, the working poor mirrored Columbia’s own economic distress.

    Yet, this Generational Class seemingly did nothing.

    But, as decades of global politics and global economics trickled down, exacerbating the neglect of towns like Columbia, this Generational class hunkered down: resisting any type of economic development.

    Economic development that would possibly help the working class families or the working poor toward a better opportunity. Economic development that would relieve the burdensome high taxation that effects everyone in this town.

    Economic development is now conflated with “Gentrification.”

    Resisting economic development allows this class to appoint themselves as the moral, political and social arbiters of this town: They care for the downtrodden! They care for all those burden by “systematic whateverisms.”

    What does this accomplish? Nothing. It’s classic “virtue signaling.” It always to demonize “The Developer” as a “Capitalist.”

    If they really “Cared About The Children” they would have would freed themselves from their generational, insular mindset and set about coping with the economic destruction.

    Also, what causes economic disparity on this planet? Central Banking. Study. Read.

    Stop demonizing those who are actually attempting to create something. Stop conflating Revitalization with Gentrification. Capitalism with Crony Capitalism.

    The economic destruction of this Pandemic is going to cause ever greater disparity. We already in live in a bankrupt state, if you think Harrisburg is going to solve the issues, you’re delusional. If you think Washington DC is going to solve the issues, you’re delusional. If you think Activism is going to solve the issues, you’re delusional.

    What will? Community.

    Unshackling our minds from classicism, envy, activism and politics.

    You don’t like “Economic Development?”

    Then mentor. Volunteer.

    Are you an artist? Are you an entrepreneur? Give your time. Give back.

    What about a Columbia Community Forum?

    A Small Business Roundtable?

    An artist or entrepreneur roundtable?

    The new council was supposed to be about transparency and feedback.

    Haven’t seen it.

    Columbia needs Ideas and Discussion.

    Not moralists or ideologues.

    But, most importantly:


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