Sunday’s news items [newspaper files about Columbia’s Chamber of Commerce & more] – 9/6/2020

Obituary of local interest | Jean E. Grider

Food serving establishments inspections | during the past week include these:

Programs dropped | From the School Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “The school district has suspended four academic programs at Columbia High School until further notice. Because of the recent resignation of Principal Michael Smith, administrators were forced to suspend the following programs at its high school: Thaddeus Stevens and Pennsylvania College of Health dual enrollment classes, Attollo, Benchmark and BOOM. These programs, according to Superintendent Tom Strickler, require ‘high input’ from the school’s principal, as well as other administrators and staff, to be properly maintained.”

From the Municipal Briefs in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | Borough Council President Heather “Zink said that to support equality in the borough, she was calling on the police department and school district to stop accepting donations from ‘private clubs’ which she said refuse membership based on race, though she did not identify the groups. Zink said these groups donate to National Night Out and school sports events. After the meeting, Zink declined to identify the groups or the sources she used to confirm the discrimination.”

Some Lancaster Newspapers files about the Chamber of Commerce’s past.

chamber objsctives




Some FUBARed logic; evangelical garbage and fear-mongering | A 80+ year old letter-to-the editor writer in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster exhorts Christian (?) readers to not vote for any Democrat. He writes, among all the gibberish, “It is time for Democrats to wake up and put the hate out of their hearts and put the love of God in their hearts instead. If we lose President Donald J. Trump as our leader, we may lose our freedom of speech, and we may lose America. This is the most important election America ever had. Trump is not a politician, but a great American citizen with common sense.”

Ah, it’s that time of election side-taking | And a Columbia letter writer writes:

There seems to be a big push for mail-in voting as being “safer.” If Gov. Tom Wolf had his way, I believe they would just mail out ballots to every person in the state, living or not.

But what about the rest of your life? No one has stopped going to the convenience stores or Walmart. If you can stand in line at Walmart, then you can stand in the voting line.

In my view, voting in person will be safer than convenience stores or Walmart, and only you get to handle the ballot. How many people handle your purchases at Walmart? How many people do you think handle your ballot if mailed?

Ballot mailings are, in my view, a waste of time and financial resources, and I believe they leave the door open for fraud.

Bottom line: If you’re that paranoid, request a mail-in ballot and vote. Otherwise, get off your behind and go out to your poll location and vote!

Wes Johnson Columbia

And, so, tomorrow’s Labor Day | Borough offices are closed. Summer ends (unofficially). Thankfully, there are only 57 days (and counting) until Election Day. That’s the day registered voters get to make really important decisions. Each of us has the opportunity to cast a ballot in support of the candidates whom we think will best represent us going forward. If you’re content with the ones that are in office, relect them.

If you’re not, vote them outIf the ones in office have been there for more that two terms, vote them out.

If the ones in office are slimey, unethical, lying, megalomaniacs, vote them out.

If the ones in office are just there for the money or their own perceived self-importance, vote them out.  

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