Psst, hey, buddy … want to buy an information center?

As you read through the 09-08-2020 Regular Meeting Packet, you’ll see an agenda item under community development that reads: “Letter from the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce.” 

Included in the meeting packet is the letter (below right) indicating the Chamber’s exploring selling its property at 445 Linden Street. 

Kicker is, according to the January, 2003 deed, the property at 445 Linden Street cannot be resold for any purpose other than an information center. So maybe, the borough is considering acquiring the property? For a police station / information center? For a borough hall / information center?

chamber property for sale

One thing’s certain, Tuesday’s meeting is, in the words of a long-time acquaintance, going to be better than watching TV. Given all the controversial agenda items (a needless traffic circle; H.A.R.B resignations, etc.), you may want to start rounding up your snacks for what’s almost certain to be an epic meeting. 



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