Today’s news items [budget meeting this week; football outlook & more] – 9/15/2020

Columbia football | Lancaster Online‘s high school football preview says this:So many playmakers due back for the Crimson Tide, and that’s certainly a superb start. Tack on … .”

they politicize everything | Two county commissioners (guess which ones) have a track record of politicising everything. This time it’s Lancaster’s mayor (SMH).


LEGAL NOTICE | Columbia’s Zoning Hearing Board will meet on September 30. High Impact Realty LLC‘s Website says, “Our desire is to care about our tenants and reflect God’s love through our role as landlords.” Some may confuse the name with High Realty, they’re separate entities.

“‘Horrific conditions’ | Boy, 12, found dead in feces-ridden room; father and fiancee charged.” York Daily Record

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