DA’s office explains bail and the bail process

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From the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure:
1. Rule 523. Release Criteria

(A) To determine whether to release a defendant, and what conditions, if any, to impose, the bail
authority shall consider all available information as that information is relevant to the defendant’s
appearance or nonappearance at subsequent proceedings, or compliance or noncompliance with the conditions of the bail bond, including information about:

(1) the nature of the offense charged and any mitigating or aggravating factors that may bear upon the likelihood of conviction and possible penalty;
(2) the defendant’s employment status and history, and financial condition;
(3) the nature of the defendant’s family relationships;
(4) the length and nature of the defendant’s residence in the community, and any past residences;
(5) the defendant’s age, character, reputation, mental condition, and whether addicted to alcohol or drugs;
(6) if the defendant has previously been released on bail, whether he or she appeared as required and complied with the conditions of the bail bond;
(7) whether the defendant has any record of flight to avoid arrest or prosecution, or of escape or attempted escape;
(8) the defendant’s prior criminal record;
(9) any use of false identification; and
(10) any other factors relevant to whether the defendant will appear as required and comply with the conditions of the bail bond.

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from Lancaster Independent Press Website

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