Monday’s news items [police citations; borough council meeting agenda; Columbia’s land bank & more] – 9/21/2020

Police citations | Violating park rules at Enola Lower GradeColumbia woman charged with “D.U.I. and Open Container violation” – 

pn the agenda

Tomorrow’s Borough Council meeting | agenda and accompanying packet of materials are posted at the Borough Website (09-22-2020 Regular Meeting Packet) – Meeting begins at 7:00 pm.

land bankColumbia is the Land Bank’s biggest Customer according to this listing at the Land Bank’s Webpage.

In today’s LNP | Always Lancaster | There’s this notice but it’s tougher finding the info at the Lancaster County Land Bank Website. “The Lancaster County Land and Bank Authority will virtually meet at Tuesday, Sept. 22 . To attend via Zoom conference, contact Justin Eby,; visit Among the agenda items:

 New business: resolution authorizing disposition of 494 Manor St., Columbia.

“doomsday scenario” | “What If Trump Loses And Won’t Leave? – For months now, President Trump has carefully planted the seed that he might not leave the office of the presidency willingly if he loses.” –  FiveThirtyEight

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