Saturday’s news items [football win; “face it” time; “no class” elected public servants & more] – 9/26/2020

on top | “Columbia beats Pequea Valley to go to 2-0”Lancaster Online

borough updateKeeping citizens and stake holders up to date | Borough Manager Mark Stivers and Councillor Todd Burgard appear in the latest Borough update at the borough’s facebook page. Not so up-to-date is the “latest news” at the borough’s Website.

no class no shows | “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t show up; neither did House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.” These slimey swamp creatures decided not to attend the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lying in state in the US Capitol.

on the topic of no class | Friends in Lititz reminded us last night that the Veep will be in Lititz politicizing with a watch party. Here’s one time that Columbia is luckier than Lititz.

dignityEach quiet act of dignity is that which fortifies the soul of a nation. We all can be heroes. Vote!”

big spenders on facebook (because that’s a news source? | “Since July 2020, Trump has spent twice what Biden has on ads across their respective Facebook pages.”Futurity

Orrstown, we barely knew ye | “Orrstown Bank to close 2 Lancaster branches as COVID-19 makes online banking surge”Lancaster Online

Tote Bag Flyer

White ain’t right | “White Supremacists Most Dangerous Internal Threat To U.S.”Newsy

vote smarterNewsy’s Vote Smarter 2020 series aims to answer your questions about the most unusual election in modern history. From early voting to counting ballots to staying safe at the polls, we’ll give you all the information you need to successfully cast your ballot this year.”

“Face it” time in Hellam | “We’re going to have to start cutting or else raise taxes.” Those are the words of one councillor of the York County borough. Lots of municipalities will be faced with the same situation. 


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