Saturday’s news items [slips (Tide football & white House); see you in September, the 25th Amendment & more] – 10/3/2020

too many braves | Facing “Braves” in consecutive weeks, Tide yields to Octorara Braves.

article about Andy’s | Though it’s not news because it’s been on social media pages and local news source, Lancaster Online reports: “Andy’s Market in Columbia will consolidate to one site as 2nd generation retires.” 

covid 19 cases

see you in September and October and … | The Trump coronavirus lived up to the song. And it’s looking more and more, as it’ll be infecting people for a while. – The Burg

just maybe | “The seasonal colds you’ve had in the past may provide some protection from COVID-19, researchers report.”Futurity

explained | the 25th Amendment: “it may be possible for a president to suffer a serious health crisis that could render them incapacitated for an extended time period, yet not end their life.” – Bill of Rights Institute

election outcome

of course, that’s why there are horse races | If you’ve ever gone to a horse racing track and you’ve made a bet on the horse to win, then you know that until the actual race ends and the results are verified and posted, all the “odds” information, horse’s lineage; the jockey’s records and the color of the silks are meaningless. – FiveThirtyEight

Census update | While “99% of Households Have Been Counted in the 2020 Census” — Pennsylvania’s total enumeration rate is 99.3% — the self-response rates for many smaller communities is much less. For instance, Pennsylvania’s self-response rate is 69.3% and Lancaster County’s is 77.5%. Columbia’s self-response rate is 65.1%. Why are the self-response rates so low? Mistrust of government? Inability to connect with the Internet? Confusion about how to self-respond?

“Census results shape the future of communities, as census data informs how billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed for health clinics, school lunch programs, disaster recovery initiatives, and other critical programs and services for the next 10 years.” – SOURCE: US Census Bureau

there’s still time | If you still haven’t filled out the census, do it now. Your local economy depends on it. “The census is used to reapportion the U.S. House of Representatives and distribute billions in federal funding to communities. Congress uses census information to decide how much money should go toward certain areas and initiatives, like community development block grants, workforce training and K-12 education. Some programs will allocate the money to state governments, which then have the discretion to decide how it’s spent.”

gas station skimmer | Found on gas pump in MariettaSusquehanna Regional Police Department CrimeWatch

column | “This White House can’t be trusted to be truthful about Trump’s health”The Washington Post

effing christmas

merry effing Christmas | “Melania Trump: ‘Who Gives a F**k About Christmas Stuff?’”Intellingencer

not a good sign | “State and Local Education Job Losses Grow in September, as Overall Gains Slow”Route Fifty

the numbers | Almost 58% of the people who live in Lancaster County are actively registered to vote. Of those:

  • 32% are registered Democrats
  • 52% are registered Republicans
  • 16% are registered as “other”

Those numbers are developed from the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Voting & Election Statistics Webpage. The disparate impact of gerrymandering become clearer by dissecting the statistics by districts at the same Webpage.



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