Thursday’s news items [more on the “debate”; on redaction; zoning hearing board meeting & more] – 10/1/2020

Obituary of local interest | Brenda A. Greiner

spot-on quotes | “Last night was a mess with two 70+ year-old men acting like 3-year-old kids. At this rate, I would vote for Mickey Mouse before I would vote for either one.“It was like watching a squabble at a nursing home between these two old men. This country is screwed either way.– two of the comments in a top of page one LNP – Always Lancaster article about the “anything but Presidential debate” on Tuesday night.

donald-trump-ricin-letter-Pascale-Cecile-Veronique-Ferrier“I made a ‘special gift’ for you to help you to make a decision,” the letter says. PHOTO BY COURT EXHIBIT

not exactly a love letter | Letter to POTUS: “The strange letter, seen here for the first time, is handwritten in English in all capital letters. It is stained in blotches, presumably residue from ricin.” – The National Post

it gets worse | Job losses across the nation are making 2020 so much worse for so many. It’s just more colossal Congressional failure by the multi-kazillion dollar corporate shills masquerading as our “elected public servants.” 

Unredacted | Unlike the Columbia Police Department’s heavily redacted continuum of force policy, this unredacted FBI document sheds new light on white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement.” – The Intercept

diversion | Since the Tuesday night shit show in the circus car on the train about to wreck:

  • “POUTS tax returns, publicized by the New York Times since Sunday, have taken a back seat to his support for the white supremacist gang the Proud Boys and his attacks on a peaceful election.
  • Coronavirus cases and deaths continue to spiral across the country, especially in the midwest where record numbers are the norm.
  • Trump’s former campaign manager, left the Trump campaign today after his involuntary hospitalization for psychiatric evaluation over the weekend after threats to self-harm. – Letters from an American.

Halloween 2020

Updated news | at the Borough Website’s “Local News and Articles” now lists the above and two other September articles. NOTE: Not one news article appeared during August. 

At this posting time | 200 persons tuned in to watch last night’s Columbia Borough Zoning Hearing Board posted at the borough’s facebook page. The board’s attorney, Josele Cleary, is the glue of that board, not only does she speak directly into the microphone, she enunciates and speaks clearly. Through a mask! Her thoroughness, precision and deliberate speaking is resolute. For others, particularly those testifying — they should emulate her AND SPEAK INTO THE MICROPHONES.

Teen Tober

higher bail needed | The reason for bail played out with the Lancaster County funeral director Andrew Scheid as he “failed to attend a preliminary hearing Friday” according to a news report in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

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