Wednesday’s news items [nailed it; facts and FOX facts & more] – 9/30/2020


“Dreams do come true” – Yuengling Brewery, on its limited-edition Hershey’s Chocolate Porter. Move over, pumpkin spice. – from the Daily Skimm

Shoulda’ done what we do with ZOOM | Can everyone mute themselves please? You know what we’re talking about.

Catch up time on Monday, October 5th at 2 PM ET | | “State and local governments across the country face unique challenges and disparate needs in the journey to become more efficient, yet there is shared DNA in any successful transformation blueprint. In all cases, a strategic use of technology is imperative. From data analytics to emerging technologies, state and local governments can leverage game-changing innovations to meet transformation goals, reduce costs and, ultimately, better serve citizens. 

During this webcastRoute Fifty sits down with state and local leaders from across the country to explore the keys to successful agency transformation.

Education | “COLUMN: We could have avoided this disastrous fall – Bureaucratic incompetence, an out-of-control pandemic and climate change-induced catastrophes threaten our children’s futures.” – The Hechinger Report

It must be true; it’s a FOX FACT | “Trump campaign, RNC declare Trump the winner.” FOX News

If lies are your thing | … last night you were in heaven: “AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate”Associated Press

Twisted tale in Bedford County (a slice of Alabama) | “A changing story by police on a rural Pa. shooting helped fuel white vigilantes and misinformation: Video footage from the night of a shooting in Bedford County does not support state police accounts that a confrontation preceded shots being fired at a group of civil rights marchers.”WITF

last day


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