Saturday’s news items [Tuesday’s council meeting agenda notes; is it just a cold?; Ouch: Tide falls & more] – 10/24/2020

Bummer|Elco wraps up outright Section 4 title with a victory over Columbia”Lancaster Online

cold flu(Credit: Mait Jüriado/Flickr)

“COLD? FLU? COVID? | Here’s how to tell.”Futurity

Again? | “Press issues delay delivery of today’s LNP; here’s what you need to know”Lancaster Online [Did LNP alert their Customers / Subscribers with a text or email? Nope, pathetic.

SNHA – Huh? | There’s a borough council meeting on Tuesday evening with a dress rehearsal, er, ah, an “Executive Session” at 6:30 preceding the “Regular Meeting 7:00 PM.” The meeting agenda and supporting packet information is posted at the Borough Website. While reading through the packet, there are several acronyms, e.g., SNHA, tossed into the meeting minutes and elsewhere. 

“For the most effective meeting minutes, make sure nothing gets lost in translation. Change acronyms, slang, lingo and other terms to their full meanings within the minutes text, or include a definition next to the term or at the end of the minutes document.” – Tips for Effective Meeting Minutes

H.A.R.B. resignations | Three resignation letters from Historic Architectural Review Board (H.A.R.B.) members are in the packet. They are worth reading. In the absence of qualified board members, a kangaroo board emerged.

Interesting assortment | Yesterday’s Columbia Police Department Crimewatch report contains an assortment of interesting charges and arrests.


“It’s 9 days until Election Day. | And over 45 million Americans have already checked ‘vote early’ off of their to-do lists – either by mail or in-person. That’s a record high. For reference, one report found only six million people had voted by this time in 2016.” – The Skimm

Lien Listing | On pages 148 & 149 of the meeting packet is the Lien Listing of people who owe money to the borough for sewer bills or codes billings. Some go as far back as the year 2000. The odds of collecting on a 20 year debt are slim.

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