Sunday’s news items [obituaries; Must be 2020!; Kindred Collections & more] – 10/25/2020

Local obituary notices | Patricia Ann Roye • John W. Shenk  

election mental health(Photo illustration by Natasha Vicens/PublicSource)

“Worried the election is impacting your mental health? | Experts share tips for self-care.”Public Source

Must be 2020! | “Penn State football falls to Indiana in overtime”The Daily Collegian

Jo Jorgensen: “Maybe, we’ll see.” | “Libertarian could spell trouble for Trump in Pennsylvania” Lancaster Online

“Column: Donald Trump hasn’t lost his mind. | He’s just a lonely man looking for love.”The Chicago Tribune

“We’re Not a Democracy” | “Four years ago, the nation tumbled down the Trump rabbit hole. We’ve been lost in the dark so long it’s hard to know which way is up.” – The Intercept

kindred brochure2Columbia’s Kindred Collections, “a retail community of upcycle artists, new handmade artists and professional curators of vintage/ antique goods” is on facebook. And Kindred Collections is readying for the Christmas Holidays.


“‘Not an amusement park’ | York’s Mount Rose Cemetery trick-or-treat event angers families”The York Dispatch

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  1. Kindred Collection is my most favorite shop in Columbia. The variety assures there is something for everyone. My favorites are the guy that welds metal items into cool stuff and the one that uses reclaimed wood, just as it is found, to make cool stuff.

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