Wednesday’s news items [What’s next?Happy in Blue Heaven; Trick or Treat & more] – 10/28/2020

election day

WARNING: LONG READ | “Uncertainty and Misinformation: What to Expect on Election Night and Days After”

Blue Heaven | Dodgers rule again after 32 year drought.

“Adults with health problems, disabilities | are less likely to vote but could swing elections.”Journalist’s Resource

One Jared served time in prison | Next: this one. “In election Hail Mary, Jared Kushner tells black people they’re lazy and unambitious”Vanity Fair

“The Difference Between Feeling Safe and Being SafeWhen no one agrees on reality in a pandemic, it’s hard to figure out what to fear.”Route Fifty

Halloween 2020


election outcome

“Is Joe Biden Toast | If He Loses Pennsylvania?”Five Thirty Eight

Socialism vs Fascism | Heather Cox Richardson explains more in Letters from an American.

bainbridgeAnother view of The River from upstream at the Park in Bainbridge on a dreary Monday morning.

republican identy

What’s ahead? | “The Republican Identity Crisis After Trump: This Presidency poses stark questions about the ideological future of both parties.” The New Yorker


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