Thursday’s news items [warmer days; heated discussions & more] – 11/5/2020

Brighter side | Get outside to enjoy the promised warm weather for the next few days.

Is there money in politics? | Does a bear sh!t in the woods?Nearly $14 billion will reportedly be spent by the parties and campaigns this year, more than double what was spent in 2016.” – Open Secrets 

Not so fast, there | “Stolen election? GOP leaders aren’t so sure.”The Intercept

separate states

separate states | Red America & blue America? – a superpower no longer trusting of its own democracy.The New Yorker

Don’t underestimate the possibility | Column: “Even if Biden does win and the results are accepted, we will have lived through a moment that showed our democracy is less stable than we assumed”The Guardian

More Trump than Trump | “Another sign voters in the county possibly didn’t favor the president at quite the same levels as 2016 was that Republican U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker was running ahead of the president across Lancaster County ballots.” – from an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

temporary sanity | “Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Drug Possession, While Five States Pass Marijuana Ballot Measures”Route Fifty

new high yesterday | “US records highest ever number of coronavirus cases with 100,000 new infections.More than 1,100 deaths from coronavirus in the US were recorded yesterday”The Evening Standard

most voters

energized electorate | The above chart shows that (by percentage) more people voted in this election; the highest percentage since 1900. – from an article at the BBC Website

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