Today’s news items [the day after the election] – 11/4/2020

Local interest obituaryJoseph J. Giandalia Lancaster Online

day after

Feeling flat? | The party’s over, this morning, Americans will go about their lives following the most anticipated election in recent memory. Americans and the world will have to wait for the balloting to be reconciles and nobody’s really going to be recovered until the results are finalized.

Our micro-level vantage point of yesterday’s election (we worked in the polls in another jurisdiction) was somewhat of a letdown. We saw nowhere the level of voters that we anticipated. Voters of all party persuasions were courteous, patient during the early morning onslaught and civility ruled. 

Virus management | Pollworkers at our polling place took the coronavirus seriously: plastic separation shields, copious amounts of PPE were availed and voting tables, pens and privacy folders were wiped with disinfecting pads after each use. Still, yesterday was a high water mark for COVID-19 infections reported in the state and in Lancaster County. The pandemic has not ended. – PennLive

Yeah, but not in Columbia | The Lancaster County Board of Elections is working diligently to show finalized election results and it’s showing a overwhelming win for US Representative Lloyd Smucker over challenger, Sarah Hammond, 148,373 to 78,470. If you ever wonder why Smucker is such an infrequent visitor to Columbia, it may be because Columbia’s voters nearly cast more ballots for Hammond: 1,735 to 2,123.

Invisible, but going back | State Representative Dave Hickernell  gets another term in Harrisburg even though he’s largely invisible in Columbia, too. Columbians favored him 2,304 to 1,478 over challenger, Bill Troutman.

“The trouble with election projections | Projecting a winner isn’t the same as counting votes—and that’s true more than ever in 2020. – The Atlantic

2nd Amendment violation | Young gun owners and firearms rights groups say PA does. – Pennsylvania Record

participation trophy

The “I participated” trophy | Are the “I voted” stickers the same? “Are “I Voted” stickers worth the cost?” –  MarketPlace

Yep, why not? | “Pennsylvania emerges as online misinformation hot spot”
 – Lancaster Online

Working project | “Columbia Borough district to develop plan for return to full-time, in-person classes”Lancaster Online

Tomorrow night’s council meeting | 11-05-2020 Work Sesion (sic)  Agenda Packet – Columbia borough Website

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