Sunday’s news items [food serving inspections; dumkopf?; “boar hog” letter; council agenda & more] – 11/8/2020


Last week’s inspections | Home Goodies

Agenda posted | COLUMBIA BOROUGH COUNCIL agenda and supporting packet – REGULAR MEETING, NOVEMBER 10, 2020 | 7:00 PM. – Columbia Borough Website

short & sweet | This letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster:

I keep wondering how Republicans are getting their hands on all that Kool-Aid.” – Lillian Hill, Marietta

Another letter | brings to mind the old saw, “useless as tits on a boar hog.” This letter writer brings up the ultra expensive, self-serving elected public servants in Harrisburg when he includes this line:

“A legislator friend of mine told me, essentially, “As a legislator in Harrisburg, you really do not have to do anything except be reelected to get a lifetime of benefits and pension free of charge.” 

It must be 2020! | No joy in Happy Valley today as the Nittany Lions go oh for 2020 in a loss to who. Yep, the Terrapins dumped the Lions in Happy Valley for only the third time in 44 games. – The Centre Daily Times

blunston properties

dumkopf | “A German word often used for calling someone stupid. From the words ‘dumm’ (dumb) and ‘kopf’ head.” That’s the name of the new owner of the above Columbia properties; Dumkopf LLC, a Lancaster based business entity, acquired these properties at 814 Blunston Street and 824 Blunston Street for $500,000.

“The Borough has the following open position | Planning and Zoning Manager” – Borough Website

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