Friday’s new items [losers and do-overs; no place like home for the holidays & more] – 11/27/2020

If they had “do-over” | Betcha’ Penn State, Michigan and other Big Ten powers would take a “do-over” on this football season if they could. Here’s a comment from a September 16 article when the caring presidents, athletic directors, coaches and rabid fans had a change of mind and decided to have a season after they’d earlier decided to not play football: 

“Big Ten/University Presidents: ….”our focus has been on the safety of our student atheletes”….. Couple months later, accountants tell the university presidents: “we’re looking at $100-150 million in lost revenue if the men dont play football” Next day, University presidents, ” it’s safe, whats break even point? Accountants: 8 game schedule will get us close”


life-long loser | “‘Loser’: How a lifelong fear bookended Trump’s presidency – The president’s inability to concede the election is the latest reality-denying moment in a career preoccupied with an epithet.” – The New York Times

delusionary, lying loser | “‘It’s going to disappear’: A timeline of Trump’s claims that Covid-19 will vanish”CNN

more losers | The madman Giuliani and Pennsylvania’s elected public servants in the legislature. – FOX43-TV

wear a mask loser

Why the delay? | “Wait, Wait, Don’t Inaugurate: Why The U.S. Takes So Long To Change Presidents.”NPR

rockys homeA worker setting up the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree made an unusual discovery: a tiny owl hiding near the tree’s base. ELLEN KALISH/HANDOUT”

No place like home! | “Rocky the Christmas tree stowaway owl returns to the wild.”The Boston Globe

“Quick: How many amendments does the Constitution have?” | “EDITORIAL: Make becoming an American citizen great again. Redesigned by the outgoing administration of haters, The new citizenship test is needlessly onerous.” – The Boston Globe

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