Sunday’s news items [obituaries of local interest; play like a girl; write-ins accept the election results & more] – 11/29/2020

Obituaries of local interest Beatrice Maggie Barnett • Cletus F. Kemmick • Florence A. “Flossie” Leibfried • 

other votegetters

None of these, as far as we know | Nope, none of these write-in vote-getters in the weeks ago Presidential election is contesting the election results. The complete list of “write-in” vote-getters is posted at the Lancaster County Board of Elections Website..

columbia presidential votes

Columbians, too | cast ballots with “write-in’s.

November 2020 Delinquent Tax Report – (Amounts are NOT certified. Total due is subject to change. Interest accrues monthly on the first day of a new month.)

play like a girl

a first of sorts | “Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller makes Power-5 college football history after giving halftime speech in her ‘goalkeeper voice'”The Tennesseean


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