Sunday’s news items [Tide football coaches’ awards; obituaries; dyin’ ain’t cheap; swamp draining; eminent domain; we luv ya’, Sheetz, but … & more] – 12/6/2020

Obituary of local interest | Joyce A. Geiter • 

Eminent domain happens | Act of taking the property at 511 Avenue N

Academic football award winners | The Lancaster-Lebanon Quarterback/ Coaches have announced their All-Academic Football Team for the 2020 season. Players who earned a varsity letter this past season were eligible for the award. Columbia’s academic winners are: David Hershey and Justin Elliott. (SOURCE: LNP- Always Lancaster)

Columbia’s football team | L-L Section 4 award winners include Michael Poole, Wide Receiver of the Year • David Hershey, Defensive Lineman of the Year •  Robert Footman, QB, First Team Offense • Michael Poole, WR, First Team Offense •  Keegin Zink, WR, First Team Offense • Steven Rivas, RB, Second Team Offense • Darnell Tucker, WR, Second Team Offense • Aiden Gladfelter, C, Second Team Offense • David Hershey, T, Second Team Offense • J’von Collazo, DB, First Team Defense • David Hershey, DE, First Team Defense • Aiden Gladfelter, IL, Second Team Defense • Steven Rivas, ILB, Second Team Defense •  Demari Simms, DB, Second Team Defense • Keegin Zink, OLB, Honorable Mention. 

swamp 3

ain’t gonna’ happen | The dank, dark, deep, murky swamp in DC is never going to be drained. There are just too many of those slime swamp-dwellers there. These creatures just swim with the party that’s in charge at the moment. These swamp creatures are opportunists just coming out of the depths of the odorous slime when there’s a moment to pay back the moneyed interests that pay them. It’s larceny and greed that drives these slimy monsters who live in the cesspool of wonderland. 

Everyone’s busy, but c’mon. | Why’s it take so long to get the reports done and posted. The last posted coroner’s report from the Lancaster County Coroner’s office is from the month of August. That’s more than 90 days ago.

Rant | Pulled into a Sheetz store one day this week for a coffee and some (gonna guess) 60-some year old guy in a newer SUV pulls into the spot we were intending to back into. “Oh, well,” we thought, “he’s maybe in a hurry to get to the men’s room or something.” But, no, the dumbass sunva’bitch just drove into Sheetz to dump his trash bag into the trash bin; then he left. Tough maintaining a holiday spirit with jerks like this. 


If ya’ ain’t tried it — don’t knock it! | Well, maybe. We love your stores, Sheetz … but “donut hole beer?” C’mon. 

It’s the life story | Writing an obituary can be stressful because not everyone’s made end-of-life plans in advance. Obituaries are just a summary of a human’s life on this earth. Often, the obituary is hastily compiled by those left behind – sometimes using a scripted template provided by the funeral director. Those scripted obituaries can be far less accurate paintings of the person’s life story.  Fact-checking isn’t always done — and it’s certainly the right of the deceased and the family — to be creative and, perhaps, whimsical with the obituary creation: the legacy for all to read and remember. But there’s an obituary for a 70 year-old man, a veteran, who “served during the Korean War.” That inaccuracy tarnishes the memory in our opinion.


One of life’s certainties | “Christopher Bullock, an English actor and dramatist, uttered the following quote during The Cobler of Preston in 1716:

“Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes.”

There’s a group for that | Lancaster County’s Share Your Wishes Coalition exists to inform people by helping them prepare for the certainty of “end of life.” The mission of the group: “To provide every individual in our community with the knowledge, tools and support they need to effectively communicate their values and wishes for end-of-life care.”

another reason pre-planning is so important | Dying ain’t cheap


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