Thursday’s news items [myth; consistently inconsistent communications & more] – 12/10/2020

Obituary of local note | Carolyn C. Derstler 


Do not | spread this holiday myth! – Futurity

”It’s All Gone Too Far:’ | A State Election Official Takes on Trump and the Age of Misinformation.”Route Fifty

“If COVID-19 Kills | Another 1.8 Million People in the U.S. We Won’t Even Need a Vaccine.” – Vanity Fair

Not a good time for the hotel business | “Deja vu: New COVID-19 surge slashes Lancaster County hotel occupancy by 37%Lancaster Online

Must have missed it. | Guess we missed the part in a council meeting when a “facilities use” request was introduced and approved for a radio station to use parts of Rotary Park as a staging area for its Toy Challenge on the Bridge promotion. Notice of the promotion is posted at the Borough Website. (Scroll down to “EXPLORE.)

Inconsistency is the only consistency | We’ve said it many times before,  A defining Columbia Borough attribute is its consistency of being inconsistent. Citizens have seen it with the application of codes and regulations and they’ve heard it from some elected public servants over the years.

Applause to the Columbia Police Department | for posting this important message at its Crimewatch page. But this is the kind of message [emergency management communications] Columbian’s should have seen posted at the Borough Website and/or facebook page, particularly since a councillor said the emergency management coordinators’ report he read at a recent council meeting would be posted at the borough Website the next day. The consistency of inconsistency, once again.

and why ? | Why is this still on the borough Website?

editorialEditorial in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Click on image to enlarge.

More letters | There are more letters-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster condemning the actions of Lancaster County’s contingency of insurrectionists which include loyalist lemmings Hickernell and Miller. On the other hand, if the elections were fraudulent, maybe these two and their ilk would not have been elected.


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