Produce Geek offers “What’s ripe now?” suggestions

Here are more delicious produce notes from The Produce Geek. U-m-m-m! You may want to visit the Website (click on the logo) and take another peek. The Produce Geek’s also got other recommendations there!

“It’s a good thing that there’s a spring-fed well of ideas and recipes for fresh Broccoli in cookbooks and online, because there’s an uber-abundant supply of Broccoli right now. Growers in California, Arizona, Mexico and Florida are discounting prices to move the bountiful harvests here in February and March. This creates the possibility of lower ad prices and in-store specials on high quality Broccoli Crowns where you shop. Rock on! Raw for veggie trays, dipping and snacking, steamed as a healthy side, sauteed for richness, stir-fried with other vegetables or roasted for great flavor – what’s your favorite use for fresh Broccoli Crowns?

“Broccoli grows best in cool weather, and so it makes sense that Broccoli likes to stay quite cold after it is picked. This is why you often see Broccoli displayed on ice at the store. Keep your Broccoli refrigerated right up until you’re ready to eat it. Select Broccoli that has tight beads on the crown, is firm and has fresh, green cut ends. Avoid Broccoli that has a strong odor or is flabby and limp. You might be wondering… what is the difference between Broccoli and Broccoli Crowns? It’s all in the cut. Growers cut some Broccoli with the full stalk on and sell them in bunches, while other Broccoli is trimmed with the just the top – Broccoli Crowns. Are you a stem-n-all or just crowns person?”

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