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today’s news … Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there! 

Quote for todayAfghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria had peace and calm until Washington intervened belligerently.” – from an opinion article by Steven Lendman, Planned Regime Change in Syria

  • “This Sunday, Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum proudly opens a new yearlong exhibit: ‘The Golden Age of an American Art Form: The Lancaster Long Rifle.’ Piecing together an unprecedented collection, some 70 long rifles made in Lancaster County between the 1770s and 1840s will be on display for close-up admiration at the state museum’s exhibit gallery, located in the visitor center, 2451 Kissel Hill Road.” – Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/New Era [NOTE:Here’s a link to the Lancaster County Longrifles.]
  • The first dandelion of the season; a mild winter yields an early dandelion.
  • It just keeps on with these trusted folks in not-for-profit organizations; this time in Chester County as “A local fire official was arrested Friday on charges of embezzlement and fraud after funds were removed from the bank accounts of a historic Chester County firefighters’ association.” – West Chester Daily Local News

America’s Credit and Housing Crisis: New State Bank Bills

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By Ellen Brown,Global Research, February 2012

Seventeen states have now introduced bills for state-owned banks, and others are in the works.  Hawaii’s innovative state bank bill addresses the foreclosure mess.  County-owned banks are being proposed that would tackle the housing crisis by exercising the right of eminent domain on abandoned and foreclosed properties.  Arizona has a bill that would do this for homeowners who are current in their payments but underwater, allowing them to refinance at fair market value.    

“The long-awaited settlement between 49 state Attorneys General and the big five robo-signing banks is proving to be a major disappointment before it has even been signed, sealed and court approved.  Critics maintain that the bankers responsible for the housing crisis and the jobs crisis will again be buying their way out of jail, and the curtain will again drop on the scene of the crime.”We may not be able to beat the banks, but we don’t have to play their game.  We can take our marbles and go home.  The Move Your Money campaign has already prompted more than 600,000 consumers to move their funds out of Wall Street banks into local banks, and there are much larger pools that could be pulled out in the form of state revenues.
States generally deposit their revenues and invest their capital with large Wall Street banks, which use those hefty sums to speculate, invest abroad, and buy up the local banks that service our communities and local economies.  The states receive a modest interest, and Wall Street lends the money back at much higher interest.”Rhode Island is a case in point.  In an article titled ‘Where Are R.I. Revenues Being Invested? Not Locally,’ Kyle Hence wrote in ecoRI News on January 26th:“According to a December Treasury report, only 10 percent of Rhode Island’s short-term investments reside in truly local in-state banks, namely Washington Trust and BankRI. Meanwhile, 40 percent of these investments were placed with foreign-owned banks, including a British-government owned bank under investigation by the European Union.”Further, millions have been invested by Rhode Island in a fund created by a global buyout firm . . . . From 2008 to mid-2010, Read the rest of this entry »