“failure to communicate”

Maybe one

“Although different incidents of very different types, they have one thing in common:  a crisis caused by poor communications.”


“Poor communication – catapulting into crisis” Community & Regional Resilience Institute

The Washington, DC Website says:

The District Government will be closed Monday, January 25.
DC Public Schools and DC Public Charter Schools will be closed Monday, January 25.

A Snow Emergency is now in effect. Emergency routes, parking restrictions, fines and towing in effect. See maps and details.

Cold Emergency-The District’s Cold Emergency Plan is currently active. The Cold Emergency Plan is part of the 2015-2016 Winter Plan

Volunteer for the DC Resident Snow Team. Help clear walkways for seniors and residents with disabilities.

“You gotta’ wanna!”

We don’t know why these comments haven’t appeared under the comments section at the bottom right of the Website, but wanted to be sure they’re read.

Maybe other Columbia news, views & reviews readers can respond to the observations?

I would just like to ask and receive a honest answer to a question.If you are on the snow emergency route and follow the rules to move your vehicles or be towed/ fined why aren’t the vehicles that made NO attempt to move towed. We all fought the storm, many moved their cars but MANY didn’t. I realize the borough my not have the monies for towing but will those who think the rules dont apply to them be fined. It makes the honest citizens who try to do the right thing feel like why bother, if nothing going to happen to those who do nothing, just asking.
Thank you
Columbia proud

PEMA SnowfallSOURCE: PEMA post-snow storm report

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