randomality notes – II

What? A school bankruptcy? – FOX43-tv


Upstream … river cabin conflict.

Unionized pay raises for minimum-wage State employees – but not non-unionized ones!Pennlive

Nearly 80,000 state government employees work for Pennsylvania in just about every field imaginable.” – PA’s job site

Nearly 8 percent get paid at least $100,000 plus benefits!!!Pennlive

Marital spat with “fists and a wooden mallet” … ain’t love grand in York County?Pennlive

Theft and “horrible destruction” at Laurel Hill according to facebook posts

thank a firefighter

“Tragedies stress importance of local firefighters” The York Daily Record

Michael Bloomberg’s decision not to run for the Presidency: “The Risk I Will Not Take”Bloomberg View

Somebody has to be in chargeHuffington Post

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