Read this NPR report, “Ryan Says He Believes Trump Is ‘Going To Endeavor To Try’ To Change.” Watch the video of the interview with the Speaker.

Now watch this clip featuring Chief Dan George.

Really, who do you believe?

The Speaker keeps talking about routing out “welfare fraud” for people – yet he never, ever speaks about corporate welfare. “Corporate welfare and crony capitalism waste taxpayer resources by spending resources taken for the public benefit on a more narrow, well-connected interest group instead.”

Notice how he dodge’s the question about Trump’s skill as a possible president.

Notice how he continues to spew the party dogma.

Read the comments following the article to get “reality checks” – comments as this one: “Paul Ryan: “Yes, Donald Trump is a bigot, a mysoginist, a racist, but he’s our bigot, mysoginist and racist, and I support him”.



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