Today’s news … Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today’s Quote … “My daughter and other students at Columbia High School have been being harassed by the trouble makers in that school simply for doing their classwork. This has been an ongoing thing at that school going back 30 years since I went to school there. The teachers and administrators simply turn a blind eye to it. Watch this video and see what’s happening in that classroom and you tell me if those teachers and administrators shouldn’t be intervening before it reaches the point that it does in this video.”“What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area” facebook page.

classroom-atackWill there be a “Paul Harvey” | “the rest of the story” coming? For the situation? For the alleged responses from the School Resource Officer? Or will the truth be buried?

A second quote from the father of the seated student … When I told the School Resource Officer about the video, and that I demanded charges be brought against this girl, his reply to me was, ‘Shut you mouth and open your ears. Listen to what I’m saying to you. This isn’t assault. Assault is based on injury. Your daughter wasn’t injured.”

“I informed that officer he wasn’t talking to an idiot and if he couldn’t address the issues I’d be taking them directly to the district attorney myself. I’m also sharing this with the news media so that they can get it out there and people can judge for yourself whether or not this is an assault because it clearly is. He started trying to tell me about criminal statute requiring that the person has serious bodily injury.

“I explained to him the same thing I’m going to say to the district attorney that criminal statue does not require the victim have serious bodily injury. The elements of the crime to charge Aggravated Assault only require intent of inflicting serious bodily injury. That girl clearly had the intent of hurting my daughter. I will not rest until the appropriate charges are filed.”facebook page


  • Legal Notice“Notice is hereby given by the Council of the City of Lancaster of a public hearing to be held on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, at 7:30 p.m. in City Council Chambers, City Hall Annex (Marion Street entrance), 120 North Duke Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania …
  • The above notice is to consider the transfer of a liquor license held by LCK Enterprises, Inc.from Columbia to Lancaster.


At the Columbia Public Library



And on Thursday night, September 17 at River Park, it’s A Movie Under the Stars at
River Park! Watch The Goonies.


Today … Lancaster Death Cafe 09-10-2016Today, too …

tedXHempfield sophomore is TEDX Lancaster presenter on September 10.


  1. Several persons stated need for crossing guards, necessity for the safety of our children. I see many comments by a Paul Himes on many concerns, have some spare time Paul, volunteer to be a crossing guard for the betterment of the community

  2. Good day, Casper … Let’s be civil!

    Remember the terms of this site: “We have a particularly low tolerance for anonymous bloggers who make personal attacks without standing by their words with their real name.”

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