What is truth?


Exchange of comments following the Lancaster Online article about the early Sunday morning events in the 200 block of Columbia:

Angelo Colon – Venues co-owner

“First want to say prayers to the victims and victims family hope all is well. This shooting Did not happen at venues it was down the street had nothing to do wit venues people are talking cause a shooting happened near a venues space that people don’t want there So they call 911 and say venues cause of time of night they will think came from venues but it did not I know one of the victims my self a close friend but was not in venues. So now anything that happens around locust st venues will be the blame for it I don’t think that is right. Venues is a place of relaxation and socialize and listen to music it is a space that anyone can rent out for special events. So please don’t blame things on venues that happen in Columbia. it is a great place”

Ad Crable – Outdoors and environmental writer at LNP Media Group

“News release from Columbia Borough police says the shootings were preceded by ‘a large fight involving patrons of the Venues nightclub.’”

Angelo Colon

“Not at all the victim wasn’t even in venues and the shooting happened down the street”

Ken Murray

“Angelo Colon The point is, police were called to the nightclub because of a ‘large fight’. Not really a ‘relaxation’ situation.”

Dante Labron

“Angelo Colon: ‘Thanks to everyone who continues to support #Venues and what it truly represents. We ask not to respond with negativity towards Lancaster Online, they are reporters and don’t always get the facts right but it’s there job to report stories. Our hope is that in the future, if they would like to experience #Venues for themselves, they can report the facts from the people who are there every week having a wonderful time in what is being considered the safest most innovative and refreshing Event Space in Lancaster County. Even though the events that took place in the article from Mr. Ad did not happen at #Venues, as members of the community we fight against not only the prejudice of being a minority influenced Event Space but the stereotypes in connection with altercations that come with it. In regards to our status, #Venues has been and will remain, a violence free no tolerance establishment and will continue to prove its worth to the community. Our hope is that in the future Lancaster Online would put just as much energy in the positives of #Venues than only making its presence known for the hear says of negative, rest assured they would find the margin is substantially higher in that regard. Our prayers go out to all as we hope that we are in yours, God Bless and come together today for a stronger foundation tomorrow’!!!!”

“Ken Murray: Your pictures of nature are very nice, if you have time we can discuss the difference between event spaces and night clubs. The terminology as it pertains to ‘Large Fights’ or even ‘Small Fights’ can easily be misunderstood either way, Angelo Colon is valid in stating that it did not happen at Venues. The police were dispatched to the 200 block of Locust to do their jobs and have done so with the full support of the community to make sure that one bad apple will not eclipse the progress that is ‘Downtown Columbia’. We hope that you attend Venues next event to get a personal perspective for yourself, thanks.”

Columbia news, views & reviews published this article about the opening of Venues in July 2016.

Columbia Spy published this article in July as well.

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