Today’s news … Thursday, December 8, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … And Smithsonian magazine claimed what ?????” – comment following this facebook post (Fight in Columbia, PA) at the “What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area” facebook page


  • In New Holland, a under 30-year-old is running for mayor; its current long-time mayor 72-year-old mayor won’t run again.
  • Earlier this week, the country’s central bank said it’s going to print six new notes and coins. That’s because inflation has gotten so bad there that the highest bill is only worth a few literal pennies. Psst…Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves, and the country relies on high oil profits to keep its economy afloat. Problem, since the price of oil has been dropping like a stone for years now. Fast forward to now, and Venezuela’s in the middle of a major economic crisis that’s put kind-of important basics like food and medicine in short supply. And the currency is worth so little that Venezuelans have to carry around backpacks full of cash in order to buy something…anything. The new highest bill is apparently worth about $5. The move isn’t expected to help solve the financial crisis, but it might make it a little easier to do business. Baby steps. – The Daily Skimm
  • The Alpenrose German-American Society will have their annual Christmas celebration at DAS SIEBENTHAL  RESORT on Dec. 12th 2016 at 6:30 PM with a delightful German style dinner prepared by the Central Family Restaurant of York, Pa. The club will be entertained by John and Maria, a very well known German trio in Central Pa. The dinner is for club members only; however, open enrollment  will begin at the first of the New Year. If you are interested in special speakers with lively and educational German topics, this is the club for you. In addition, dances, picnics, special events, trips, and some unexpected surprises are on the agenda for 2017. Please call Ms. Barbara Ann de Leon at (717) 428-2210 or e-mail at  after 7:00 PM weekdays for additional information about the German-American Society of York, Pa. – news release

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