Today’s news … Sunday, January 22, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “This is so inspiring and so wonderful but it’s because of something so horrible. So my heart’s broken and full simultaneously.” Dyane Carrere, from this Lancaster Online article: “Lancaster County residents join Women’s March on Washington in aftermath of President Trump’s inauguration.”

Today’s second quote …“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke [NOTE: A good man stood to speak during the citizens’ comments portion at the beginning of the Columbia Borough School District board of directors meeting; he challenged the “lack of communication” and muzzled hiring practices within the district. His comments and a “non-public” (and undated) job posting for a Director of Extra-Curricular Activities” is posted below in today’s news.


Pussy Hat Project


  • It’s now called Austin Ray’s Bar & Grill – the place directly across Route 462 from Leisure Lanes – but it’s list of violations is astounding. This and other Lancaster County dining places’ inspections (except those in Columbia) are listed here. – Lancaster Online
  • So many of the dining places listed are repeat offenders | Turkey Hill C-stores; McDonald’s; Friendly’s; Chili’s, ugh! Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre makes it this time, too. Doesn’t anyone care?


  • “Observed a case of nacho cheese in the storage room on a shelf that displays evident of rodent gnawing.” From an inspection at an elementary school | York County food serving establishments inspections. – York Daily Record / York Sunday News
  • NOTE: NOTHING’S POSTED AT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT WEBSITE. And that was one of the issues that citizen Jerry Nissley brought to the School Board directors (though he directed much of his comments and questions to the director of operations when he spoke on Thursday evening. He wondered why the director of operations is suppressing the information and questioned the lack of communication, hiring and pay inequity, pay increase “favoritism” and lack of transparency in informing the public and staff of position announcements.

nissley-letterHere are Jerry Nissley’s prepared comments.


Above is the purported  “internal announcement” – note it is undated. Nissley alleged that the person who held the position resigned on Wednesday and that another person would be assuming the “acting director of extra-curricular activities until the end of the school year.”


PennLive has a great collection of photos from the marches here.

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  1. The employee, as often happens, is good enough to do the extra work when needed temporarily, however they are not good enough to have the job permanently.

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