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Today’s news – Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “We kinda’ hate to see February go this year!” – Columbia news, views & reviews.

  • The weather was so great; springtime in February with lots of birds; buds and bright sunshine.
  • Here’s an email in which the sender asked the name not be published: “$248 / person ??? 2nd highest in county. Time for the Cola. Police to “open the books” to the public. A cut of 25% is needed.” The email refers to the yesterday post, “The cost of policing … “
  • EDITORIAL NOTE: Suppose that “anal-ysts” are talking out their butts?

jobsRead this New York Times Magazine article to find about the jobs that Americans do. Working Americans, as these people and most of us. These are the people who “The Weasel” (Why do those folks in Wisconsin keep electing him?) and the other wealthy’s in Washington want to deny benefits – social security, medicare, and more. For a bigger military budget? US military spending is already far and away the biggest military spender.

  • Today’s the SPECIAL MEETING – 1:00 PM. Ask your supervisor for time off to attend.
  • Thursday’s School Board of Directors’ meeting’ agenda is posted. Two citizen comments times appear, but comments are still throttled by “While your comments are welcome, please refrain from introducing questions before the Board or Administration. Please forward any questions, via E-mail, to the Board President at kcombs@columbiabsd.org.  Answers to your questions will be sought from the appropriate Administrative staff. A response will be sent to you in a timely manner. After being recognized by the presiding officer, the speaker must preface their comments by an announcement of their name, address and group affiliation if appropriate.”

werewolf film.jpg

  • Filmmaker returns to hometown to shoot his first feature film – “Zachary Will, a CHS graduate, is returning to Columbia to direct his first feature film, Grandma Werewolf. Zach spent the first 18 years of his life in his hometown, Columbia, before moving out to the big city of Atlanta to make it in the film industry. Since moving, he’s worked on TV series and built a wonderful production team. “I’ve always just loved the look of the small town,” Zach says of Columbia. The film will also film scenes in Kunkletown, Pa, which is near Allentown. The film is about a family that goes to their recently widowed grandmother’s cabin for Thanksgiving. There they find out that their grandmother is actually a werewolf. Without Grandpa around to stop her, the family must put aside their problems, learn magic, and steal a silver sword to subdue the Grandma Werewolf! We expect to film in June-July of 2017 and the film will be released on Thanksgiving 2017. We’re currently raising the remainder of the funds for the project on our Kickstarter. SOURCE: news release
  • But in Georgia, you will go to jail for flying the confederate flag on your truck as an intimidation method. WSB-TV

More news | about the borough farm | about the Columbia Historic Market House

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Due to the damage to trees caused by the severe thunderstorm last Saturday the Borough Yard Waste Facility, located at 254 Blue Lane, will be open Monday, 2/27/17 through Friday, 3/3/17 from 8:00am-5:00pm for Residents to bring yard waste to the facility. � Please note that it is your responsibility to unload your own yard waste.

SOURCE: Columbia Borough email

The Columbia Historic Market House starts off the month (March) with a class on Basket Weaving on the 5th. This is a continuation from last month for those who previously attended. Terram Olei is offering a Make & Take Essential Oils Class for Mosquito Spray, and Pet Flea & Tick spray. Cost is between $3 and $10. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, The Columbia Historic Market House is welcoming “Fire in the Glen” on Saturday, March 12th at 11:30am. If you’re a fan or just want to listen to some good Irish/Celtic music stop in. The market house is closing out the month of March; by having their first Anime’ & Gaming Weekend. Enjoy Comi Cons or other Anime’ related characters? This event is sponsored by Moon Family Studios, who are regulars at area Comi Cons. Don’t forget the market house is open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday between 10am & 3pm. See you soon!

SOURCE: news release

Columbia and School District of Lancaster highlighted in new study on impact of personalization

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Lancaster County Schools Experience Higher Academic Achievement with Personalized Learning

Columbia Borough School District and the School District of Lancaster were recognized in January in a new report by the Hybrid Learning Institute (HLI) on the effectiveness of personalized learning. The “2015-16 Impact Report”reviewed academic outcomes from 30 different school districts that used “hybrid” methods of instruction last year. Both districts made significant progress in improving student achievement and growth.

During 2015-16, Lancaster launched new programs in personalized learning in 15 classrooms across three city elementary schools. In the personalized classrooms, students averaged 83% higher growth on state-aligned benchmarks compared to traditional classrooms. In third-grade math, twice as many students passed their state exams. In fourth-grade math, the rate of students scoring advanced on state exams was more than three times greater. In English, personalized learners outperformed traditional learners by 124% on state exams.

At Columbia, the district implemented personalized learning in five classrooms in the middle school. During the first year of personalization, students in seventh-grade math scored “advanced” on their state exams at a rate three times higher than students in traditional classes. Students in eighth-grade English passed their state exams at a rate 11% higher. Columbia also used personalization to improve the academic program for seventh and eighth grade learning support students.

The promising results at Lancaster and Columbia are consistent with the positive outcomes achieved by other schools implementing personalized learning across the mid-Atlantic region. The “District Storyboard” report follows the release of HLI’s “2015-16 Impact Report” which documents substantial gains in academic performance by students in personalized environments:

  • Students in personalized classrooms passed their state exams at a rate 20% higher than students in traditional learning environments and achieved 98% better academic growth;
  • Personalized learners excelled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) academics, beating traditional students by 38% in math and 10% in science, and;
  • Personalized learners scored “advanced” on state math exams (the highest level of achievement) at a rate 52% higher than traditional students.

The HLI reported positive results in all levels of schooling. More personalized learners achieved proficiency on state exams in elementary school (+15%), middle school (+31%) and high school (+20%). They also scored advanced at much greater rates, outperforming by 24% in elementary school, by 59% in middle school and by 76% in high school.

“Personalized learning combines proven teaching methods with new technologies to create an individualized educational experience for every student,” said Kevin Dellicker, founder of HLI and President of Dellicker Strategies, authors of the reports. “Personalization does not replace traditional brick-and-mortar schools, it makes them better,” said Dellicker. The educators who embraced these new strategies and enabled their students to succeed should be very proud.

Since 2011, Dellicker Strategies has helped 134 different schools plan and implement personalized learning in hybrid and blended classroom settings. The 2015-16 reports evaluated 161 blended programs impacting 13,500 students in 58 schools. The recent studies are the largest of their kind focusing on quantifiable results of personalized instruction in mainstream schools.

The complete reports may be found on the HLI website (http://www.pahli.org/results/reports) and the Dellicker Strategies website (http://www.dellicker.com/success-stories.html).

SOURCE: news release

Today’s news – Monday, February 27, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “You reported that ‘LNP’s request to listen in on the call was denied.’ Why was LNP’s request to listen in on the call denied?” – from a letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The letter writer asked why the newspaper was denied access to US Representative Lloyd Smucker’s telephone town hall. [NOTE: A hastily convened telephone town hall might be a cowardly cop-out keeping alive the tenor of the predecessor.]

  • The cost of policing is a Lancaster Insider report and page one news in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Here’s a graphic from the LNP – Always Lancaster piece. Columbia’s borough manager is quoted in the article.


  • In the military, R & R time following combat missions is a joy, a chance to get away from the frenetic, chaotic pace of combat and “ratchet back” to a form of normalcy. This might be what it’s like to be a US congressman as they get back to the “R&R zone” that is “inside the wire” DC. Mostly, they look at their constituents as “the enemy.”


royaltyRoyalty at Mardi Gras | “The people in China are told these beads are valuable and given to important Americans, that beads are given to royalty.” – The Conversation

Today’s news – Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “If people want to come here, work hard, provide for their family, play by the rules, pay their taxes — then we should let them come.” – US Representative  Lloyd Smucker in a Lancaster Insider article about his meeting with members of Lancaster County’s Ag Council. Meanwhile, two letters to the editors in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster complain about Smucker’s lack of communication with constituents.

  • Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial – “Bought and paid for” – is about the cash that pours from special interests into the pockets of elected public servants. The editorial asks citizens to ” … encourage you to get involved. Let your lawmakers know if you believe there’s a need for campaign finance reform.”  Yeah, that’ll work!
  • A letter to the editor in the same newspaper says it a bit stronger as the letter writer, a senior citizen, suggests: “So, seniors, you need to start complaining to your representatives in Washington to fix this problem, or stop voting for them. If everyone has a voice, we can get this problem fixed.” That is the answer, VOTE THEM OUT!


  • Saw only one piece with no pictures from Columbia’s schools in yesterday’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s last Saturday of the month SCHOOLS section.




Today’s news – Saturday, February 25

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “The Person in Charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection.” This restaurant inspection item leads the daggone disgusting long list (16) of dining-facility food preparation items at the Cracker Barrel in York. Check it out at the State Department of Agriculture Website.

  • LNP – Always Lancaster article: Marietta’s Pioneer Fire Company has the highest “per capita” number of fire calls in the county.
  • Side-by-side articles on the business page in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: New Hershey chief could earn $7 million this year; Sears will cut 130 corporate jobs (almost certainly, none will be in the $ 7 million bracket and Sears chief won’t be impacted no doubt); Peoria, IL will lose jobs and tax dollars as Cat moves its headquarters to Chicago.
  • It had to end! The magnificent May-like weather we’ve been blessed with will change today. “There is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms today. A narrow line of thunderstorms will form along a strong cold front late this morning through the mid afternoon hours today. A few of the storms in the line could produce brief, damaging west to southwest wind gusts of around 60 mph.” according to the National Weather Service.
  • But the stock market is blooming because nobody cares about the real workers in stores as long as production plants the kazillionaires at the helm are raking it in. Not a big chance this’ll continue.
  • They’re just so out of touch! Elected public servants are not in touch with the citizens they’re supposed to represent. Watched long-time Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley sputter and lie through a town hall meeting on C-SPAN last night. How do these people look into the mirror? How do they look their grand kids in the eyes?
  • Borough uses the Email Alert System to send notice about “Happenings at Columbia Crossing in March 2017 – Check out the following events being held at the Columbia Crossing Building located at the Columbia River Park (41 Walnut Street) in March 2017.” YET, sends Website visitors on a treasure hunt at it’s home page: March 2017 Columbia Crossing Events – View information on March 2017 events at the Columbia Crossing Building by clicking “Home”/”What’s Happening.”


  • The Immigration timeline | “The US has been going through immigration policy mood swings since the American Revolution.” The Skimm

It just gets scarier and scarier!

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“White House Bars CNN, NYT, LAT, Politico From Briefing” Deadline

… and “that’s how dictators get started.”

More news for Friday, February 24, 2017

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Seen anyone like this in the woods?in-the-woods

sheriff salesRecent listings

  • Constituents reject the “elected public servants” talking-down to them during the “town-hall meetings.”
  • She may be right, but it’s not the right thing to say publicly | Lancaster School District board of director said two of the 18 candidates for a vacancy appointment to the school board of directors were “head and shoulders” above the others in an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. 18 candidates stepped up for consideration!
  • Helluva note:  When people aren’t allowed to talk truth in the halls of the elected public servants. In California a Republican legislator was “forcibly removed from the floor” for bringing up the anti-Vietnam war record of the late Democratic lawmaker Tom Hayden.

victimsThese obituary notices appear side by side in today’s LNP -Always Lancaster. These brothers, both had disabilities, were murdered in Lancaster earlier in February.

Today’s news – Friday, February 24, 2017

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Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “That’s nice have a meeting at a time when most people work and cant attend … ” – Comment following a Columbia Spy post about the upcoming 1:00 pm special meeting of the Columbia Borough Public Safety committee.

  • Citizens of Columbia borough indeed are fortunate in that the council committee meeting minutes now are posted at the borough website. The Safety Committee’s minutes are among the most thorough minutes posted, too. The crux or this SPECIAL MEETING likely will be the contentious issues (competitive medical transport and other issues) that were surfaced at the February Safety Committee Meeting.
  • Columbia news, views & reviews, too, finds it curious that the Special Meeting is an afternoon meeting; indeed, many citizens will not be able to attend.


  • Fourth Friday is tonightSusquehanna Center for the Creative Arts (SCCA) will feature Wrightsville artist Frank Morgan.

do-your-jobDo your job in Pennsylvania and in Iowa, too.

  • Guidance from VFW’s national commander:Outreach is the Way to Grow Your Post. Posts that are engaged with their local communities and that participate in local events are much more likely to be seen as a positive force worth supporting. State HQs has increased its outreach to increase awareness about the VFW’s many benefits and why veterans of all ages should consider supporting the VFW as a means of protecting their own future. How is your Post sending this message and how are you engaging people outside of the canteen? By having a VFW information table at events—even events that are not veteran or military specific—and by staying involved with other local groups and projects, your VFW Post can attract the attention and support of eligible veterans. Connect with leaders at local military units/armories to get involved in their activities by providing food, supplies or other items that they need during drills and military family events. Take a look at the upcoming events and community partnership opportunities in your area, then create a small team to make sure the VFW Post is plugged in and burning bright.”
  • From State Representative Brett Miller’s email to constituents: “PennDOT Offers Internship Opportunities – PennDOT is offering internships for those seeking engineering, science and technical degrees, along with general government service, this summer. A variety of internship positions will be filled, including those that may lead to full-time employment after graduation. Applications for the summer program will be accepted through March 30. More information, including application instructions, is available here.


509 Union Street: blighted property

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Read the LEGAL NOTICE at Lancaster Online.