Today’s news – Saturday, February 18, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “While it is tempting to blame trade deals for job losses, the real culprits are businesses that have machines doing twice the work with one-third the workers.” – from a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. The author’s not a Luddite, just making a point about the reasons for American job loss might not be shipping them off to other countries.

Another quote … “Looking over this list, I just can not believe that there are so many people that did not pay. Seeing former officials,teachers and other prominent people that preach to pay your taxes and they do not,blows my mind. No wonder respect for the government is dropping.” – comment following the article at Columbia Spy showing the list of school district per capita tax delinquencies.

A third quote … “No tyranny finds support without tapping into our fears. This is key. Hence, all tyranny is terrorist.’’Pope Francis in this Boston Globe article.

anne-frankNow playing at Marietta’s Susquehanna Stage Company – The Diary of Ann Frank. This weekend and next weekend. Get tickets here.

  • At the Milinof-Schock Library in Mount Joy | “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank from the Anne Frank Center USA” and on display through March 9.
  • February is African American History Month The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society.” | Lesson Plans: “Put the power of primary sources to work in the classroom. Browse ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, collection guides and research aids.”

Lots happening at the Library this week!




  • What a teacher once told me was “fake news.” | Workers flinging wooden shoes (sabots) has got nothing to do with the etymology.of the word, sabotage, according to WikiPedia.
  • “Lost Paws merges with Pet Pantry | “largest nonprofit no-kill animal welfare group in the county” according to the letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. 

from a facebook post:

park-city-trolley“Park City Utah. A destination with a trolley just like Columbia. How cool is that?”

  • Park City, UT has 8,100 residents but over 4 million visitors – uncertain about the number of visitors to Columbia. Park City’s trolley is free; last year Columbia’s wasn’t – uncertain what’ll happen this year just yet! Park City has a consolidated & coordinated Websiteunlike Columbia that has separate websites for different entities.

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