Wednesday’s addenda

“Plans for former Wilbur Chocolate plant in Lititz include luxury apartments, boutique hotel” Lancaster Online

Columbia had a chance at luxury condos once – but prevailing minds turned it down in 2011. “Denied … 401 LOCUST STREET – TMIS, LLC. – The Board denied the applicants’ proposal for a variance in parking and the construction of condominium dwellings atop a parking lot at 401 Locust Street. Applicants John DeVitry and Richard Danz, TMIS, LLC general partners, expressed disappointment with the Board’s denial of the request (following an executive session) to construct and alter the existing property into a condominium property with parking facilities. TMIS, LLC. had previous approval to construct a hotel at the site; the decision to change to condominium dwelling was introduced due to the current economic landscape and the apparent excess of hotel rooms in the county.” – Columbia news, views & reviews post

Near the bottom of the suck list: Comcast and CenturyLink rank at the bottom of the listings of “America’s Most Loved and Hated Telephone and Cable Companies” list at 24/7 Wall St.

One comment

  1. Maybe with a new mindset on council now, if someone wants to develop Hotel Locust into upscale condos and eateries,council can learn from Lititz and Lancaster on how to keep historical touch on properties. This goes for other projects also. All parties must cooperate in order for any development to happen.

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