Sultry Sunday “Scenes seen” continued

Marietta’s “Mobile Mercantile’s Make.Believe.Tour & MABA Block Party” got it going on.

make believeFind out more here.

More “scenes seen” while in Marietta on Sunday – with brief comments.20170702_165105Escape Room

20170702_143630 (1)Advance notice

20170702_144140All about town.

20170702_143959New shared workspace

20170702_144232Bloom bounty

20170702_145253Safe haven

More “scenes seen” while in Columbia on Sunday – with brief comments.20170702_153603Accessible, yes.

20170702_153730 (1)Trying

20170702_153748 (1)but … butts below

20170702_153845Holey shroud

20170702_155337 (1)out-of-date news


no flashing signs?

20170702_155522 (1)fine filagree

20170702_155926 (1)history outside

20170702_155945mystery inside

20170702_160028Columbia pride?

20170702_160231more history

20170702_160310 (1)furniture & mattresses

20170702_160413 (1)Classic charm

20170702_160646here a butt – there a butt … everywhere …

20170702_164036meet at the Moose

20170702_164216creative – collaboration – community

A good mantra!

More Sunday “scenes seen” here.



  1. The canvas awnings on Hotel Locust has been torn for years. I asked why it was never repaired or removed. I cannot recall getting an answer to my question. The awning being torn is not helping to promote a decent looking street scape, nor is it helping to sell the building. It just looks ugly. Something so easy as removing the awning and yet nothing is done.

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