Tonight … ABC27-TV … hear canned answers to scripted questions during a televised “town hall” open to invited guests with one of the rich old white guys who drafted the new draconian health care package

Yeah, for real … Click here.

Here’s who pays “To-Me” to do the stuff he does for to make “America great again.”

This secretively drafted document is no better or worse a scam than the one in which these folks got busted and now sit in the Lancaster County prison.


One comment

  1. That rich old whit guy who wants to eliminate Medicaid for all needs to, as my late father would say, “have his head examined.” This guy has been endowed with free healthcare for life by being a U.S. senator, so he would have no difficulty acquiring a mental health practitioner.

    There are some 2.8 million Pennsylvania citizens who receive Medicaid, and a good number of them get mental health services. If the PA junior senator were to have his wish passed by Congress, they would be without such services. I urge the senator to wake up and realize that social services are far more important than money.

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