Today’s news – Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Today’s quote … And until our elected officials start working for ‘We the People’ rather than for corporate interests, civil disobedience is what the industry— and our morally bankrupt politicians — will get from us.” – Excerpt from a column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster written by Mark Clatterbuck, of Martic Township, founding member of the group Lancaster Against Pipelines.

  • While he talked the talk, “What I’m interested in is hearing from constituents,” To-Me does did not walk the talk during “friendly drone-like audience,” closed town hall last night. – Penn Live

movie - singThe above message was emailed by the borough to everyone signed up on the NOTIFY ME list. In case you’re uncertain about when “dusk” is, according to the Movies Under the Stars facebook, the movie will start at 8:00 pm.

  • Back when – “America’s political speech was nasty at the start”

trashIf there’s a will | York “aims to lessen ‘quality-of-life’ problems; enforcement begins Saturday”

  • Citizens will appreciate the thorough minutes, too, describing the happenings at the Public Works Committee meeting in June. Click here to read all about the street sweeper operations, anerobic digester (Food Waste to Energy Program) report, oil puddling, this line “It is important to note that the borough has not been funding current major projects from funds gained through the sale to LASA.  Rather, we are using bond proceeds to plan and execute these activities,” and more.
  • And who didn’t know this? | “There’s something about water that draws people to it.” – Columbia once had access to The River and gave it away.

cola arrestsTwo articles at Penn Live today | first article and second article

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  1. The only reason The borough could get the bond to fund all of their spending is because they had the LASA money in the bank. So yes the council is spending the sewer money to fund all of their pipe dreams.

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